SAP SuccessFactors Q3 Release: Highlights for Compensation and Variable Pay

The SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management and Variable Pay modules lacked a bit of “love and care” from SAP in the last years.  Most of the efforts went into unifying the Compensation and Variable Pay templates in what is called Total Compensation Template.

Nevertheless, there is a tendency in Human Resources in rewarding the employees not only once per year, where the manager and the employee have a sit-down to review the achievements and compensation, but to continuously award during the year to encourage good behaviours and engagement. SAP has recognised this trend with some new functionalities in the Reward and Recognition tool.

After a brief general overview, let’s look into some highlights of the SuccessFactors Q3 2019 Release:

1. Custom Validations in SuccessFactors Q3 2019 Release

What is it?

  • Previously the Compensation module provided only standard validations to control the budget, and guidelines for the monetary concepts.
  • At certain time in every Compensation project, the need to implement a Custom Validation on the compensation worksheet arises, besides the standard Validations.
  • Up to three Validations can be defined to hard stop or to warn the Compensation planners based in any custom logic on the Compensation worksheets using a custom message.

What is the added value?

  • More control of the Compensation worksheets.
  • More flexibility to advise the users with popup messages when a certain condition is met.

Who can benefit?

  • Any customer who would like to enhance the control of their future Compensation processes.

2. Points Programs and Gift Card Fulfillment 

What is it?

  • Typically Reward and Recognition programs are currency based and processed in payroll.
  • As of Q3 2019, Reward and Recognition tool can be used as Points-based.
  • Employees can accumulate points and change them for Gift cards and experiences.

What is the added value?

  • Use a more dynamic award program.
  • Increase the employee engagement by benefiting form other than monetary prizes.

Who can benefit?

  • It is currently in BETA phase, only for Early Adopters.
  • There is already an extensive Gift card catalogue available in 62 countries with about 10.000 programs or experiences available by Single-Sign-On integration with Xoxoday (SAP partner).

3. Reward and Recognition – User Interface Redesign

What is it?

  • The home page is being redesigned completely for a better, more intuitively user interface
  • In choosing a Spot Award, Employees can now be guided by a wizard to follow a sequence of steps through the employee nomination flow.

What is the added value?

  • Employee centric user experience encourages usage:
    • Employees can now access their Award history and view details of Awards received, Awards sent and Awards redeemed.
    • Programs can now have associated images which allow employees to recognize and choose programs easily.
    • New card for Managers to view their team’s award history.

Other enhancements worth mentioning :

  • Rewards and Recognition configuration and administration is accessible from “Compensation Home” tool, making it a single point of access of every compensation related tool.
  • Total Compensation Template Target users: Admin and implementers.
    Previously, no validations were done on uploaded XML Total Compensation Plan templates. Now, when importing a Total Compensation Plan template through the Admin Center, the system validates if Compensation and Variable Pay templates are also supported by Total Compensation Templates.
  • Issue fixed: Force comment Popup in Variable Pay allowed you to delete other’s comment, now you can only delete your own ones.

Enjoy the SuccessFactors Q3 2019 Release of SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Management and Variable Pay.  Feel free to comment or send me any questions by LinkedIn or email.

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