The people you recruit have a measurable impact on business performance. This means that it is important to find, attract and hire talent and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting will help you with this. It’s a comprehensive but simple solution that offers guidance to everyone.

How to improve your recruitment and save time with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Recruiting Management

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is the candidate tracking program and enables a company to manage their requisitions, process candidate applications and select the best candidate for an open position. By creating Job requisition templates you describe the role to be fulfilled, including the job description, position in the organisation, physical location and other relevant information that an approver, recruiter or candidate may require. Job requisitions can be posted to different sources, such as the internal SuccessFactors website, agencies or external micro-sites, all of which can be managed within the Recruiting Management solution. 

Candidates (internal and external) who want to apply, have their own candidate profile that can be modified by applicants per job requisition. Internal candidate profiles can be synchronised with data from the Employee/Talent profile. The Candidate applications are followed up by recruiters in a talent pipeline, which provide an overview of the candidates in each status of the application process (e.g. screening, interview, …). Multiple features are available to assist recruiters select the right candidates. For example, applicants can be automatically disqualified for the position based on pre-screening questions. The system also eliminates the complexity and ambiguity of interviewing by managing the entire application process, from scheduling to feedback with candidate ranking based on a competency assessment in the Interview Central tool. In addition, you can manage the offer process from the generation of the offer letter up to offer acceptance in the system.

Finally, detailed candidate management reporting gives you the visibility you need into which positions and roles are filled quickly and which take more time, so you can adapt your candidate pipelining strategies to improve recruitment in less time.

Below you will find a video of SAP SuccessFactors and the brochure on Recruiting for more detailed information.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Recruiting Marketing

SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing extends the Recruiting Management solution by focusing on attracting and engaging candidates. The main tool is the Analytics dashboard, which offers unique insights into which activities and sources are most effective in finding candidates.

The Career Site Builder tool allows you to build a fully responsive career website, starting from best-practice templates and with the ability to customise. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is included to enable you to attract more visitors directly to your career site from major search engines.

With the Candidate Relationship Management features, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting evolves from an Application Tracking System into a full-cycle Candidate Engagement System, providing a seamless workflow for candidates. It adds the possibility to manage Talent Pools of candidates, making it easy to group and find candidates, as well as email campaigns, which make it possible to design, execute and manage email communications with groups of candidates, large or small.

Recruiting Posting

SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting is the latest module in the SuccessFactors Recruiting Suite and enables the integrated distribution of your vacancies to the most effective boards and aggregators. Thousands of global job sites and universities are available around the globe to efficiently connect with the most qualified candidates.

The video below explains that the future of recruitment lies in a good marketing process, which maximises your business performance.

Hunterz – The referral app

How to recruit faster and better! Discover how the use of this mobile, game referral solution Hunterz uses your own network to hire highly qualified people and reduce recruitment costs! Watch our Demo Video and the video with Vincent De Meerleer of Hunterz.

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