Looking for an innovative, mobile and user-centric cloud-based HRIS as a basis for your business processes? Then SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central should be your choice as single source of truth and platform to integrate and improve your HR, Talent Management and Analytics processes. Employee Central combines the innovation and localisation power of SAP with agility of cloud HRIS.

Impact on Employee Engagement with Employee Central

Employee Central has become by far the most important part of the suite which is necessary to offer other processes and modules in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, in particular around talent and analytics. Employee Central gives us the opportunity to work together in new ways, delivering user-friendly tools and social HR. People can create an identity for themselves, strengthen connections and social collaboration in order to increase engagement. The platform brings everything together across the organisation to transform the work experience and manage your team for business impact and overall success.

Below you will find the brochure and a video of SAP SuccessFactors on Employee Central for more detailed information.

Adessa - brochure SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Acceleration of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

More and more organisations are supporting digital HR strategies that deliver measurable changes. Meanwhile, this trend will only increase, because employees more often choose to build relationships that go beyond the workplace in an effort to improve knowledge exchange across the organisation. To support these results, you need to provide employees the right tools to communicate and connect with each other.

SAP has added a significant amount of functionality tools to Employee Central over the past years to empower enterprises to manage all sorts of HR processes. Employee Central remains a key focus of SAP and will become a central part of the intelligent enterprise, enabling Employee Central to embrace innovation. To ensure that your digital workplace delivers measurable business value we are able to help you create a clear RoadMap, while reducing risk and meeting compliance requirements.

Listen to our customers feedback on the implementation of Employee Central

Watch the HR Transformation story of FMV and read our customer reviews on Raven Intel. 

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