GDPR represents one of the greatest regulatory changes in how personal & sensitive data is processed and stored. Its reach and potential enforcement are significant as it covers any EU citizen’s personal data, no matter where in the world it is processed, making it in effect global. It is often overlooked that your employee data consists of (confidential) personal data, both for past and current employees. The management of become and remaining GDPR compliant on your HR processes and for your Employee data, is what Adessa Group calls as ‘HR GDPR’. Adessa Group has implemented HR GDPR compliant data management processes for large multinationals.  Contact us to get specifics.  

Adessa HR GDPR Cockpit allows you to manage all aspects of GDPR

HR GDPR Program
How to become compliant?
Where am I on my roadmap?
HR GDPR Operations
How to manage GDPR rights and duties in my HR operations?
HR GDPR Communications
How to manage GDPR-related requests and communications, internally and externally?
HR GDPR Dashboard
How to monitor my GDPR compliance, potential breaches, and actions?

Adessa’s GDPR offering consists of 2 parts :

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Adessa Group was founded in 2005 as a specialised, pan-European Human Resources service provider. The company was founded with the vision of supplying sustainable computer solutions through the development of an international network of subsidiaries, close to their customers and with the aim of growing organically. This vision was translated through the values that shaped Adessa’s corporate culture.   You can follow us on LinkedIn by clicking here.