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The SAP and Workday Integration Challenge

For companies whose technology landscape includes both SAP and Workday, data migration and integration between the solutions can be a challenge because it requires a unique understanding of the data structures and requirements of both systems. Proper integration is the key to maximising the effectiveness of investments in both SAP and Workday going forward. As many customers often discover too late, it can be difficult to find the right resources to manage data integration processes.

Who has the skills and experience to manage the data migration and integration?

Adessa Group has proven tools, processes, and expertise in both SAP and Workday to ensure a smooth migration and ongoing effective integration. Our SAP to Workday integration suite is:

  1. Open & cooperative: Compatible with any Workday implementation partner of choice
  2. End-to-end: Covers the entire lifecycle from early stage analysis to post-go live, through a comprehensive 3-step methodology
  3. Sustainable: Build the pillars for future developments and trust us with your HR legacy system if needed
  4. Proven: We have referenceable clients and a proven track record of data migration & integration projects
  5. Fully packaged offering:  The full integration toolset includes SAP HCM (PY, OM, PA, T&A), SAP SuccessFactors (EC, ECP, TM), CRM and FI/CO. Services and support are included

Your Workday implementation partner knows Workday system and typically only provides you with data workbooks (Migration) and file data (Integration)

Your internal IT staff knows your SAP data well but does not know the intricacies of the Workday data model

Who is responsible for end-to-end knowledge of the data migration and integration  structures and requirements for both SAP and Workday?

Adessa's SAP to Workday Integration Suite

5 Key Considerations About Migrating & Integrating SAP and Workday data

  1. Migration needs to be done on-time before the Go-Live. Otherwise, there won’t be any data in your Workday system and it won’t be aligned with SAP
  2. Both migration and integration have to fit into the project plan, timeline, and budget
  3. Data is too often left out of the conversation but must be at the top of mind throughout
  4. Cloud is easy and intuitive, but it also creates a different and new complexity when it comes to the integration with other solutions
  5. Knowledge about the 2 data models is required: You must understand how to extract the data from SAP HCM and how to translate it into Workday language and vice-versa in order to successfully leverage both systems going forward

Why Choose Adessa's Data Migration & Integration Solutions?

Reduce Complexity

  • Adessa’s pre-configured solution that integrates SAP and cloud HR solutions (Workday, SuccessFactors, etc.) makes data integration more simple and effective
  • From the Analysis phase until the post Go Live activities, we are present in all project phases to provide support and help with all tasks related to migration or integration of HR data

Reduce Costs

  • Decrease the workload by 48% due to our expertise and pre-configured tools
  • Reduce the number of errors in each data delivery, and facilitate the design of the integration, which impacts directly in the cost of the project

Reduce Risk and Exposure

  • Ensure a successful and smooth Go-Live of the project thanks to total control of the data
  • Diminish all manual actions and repetitive tasks by automating all the processes related to Migration & Integration
  • Avoid the migration of corrupted HR data in your Cloud HR system by Analysis and cleansing phases ensuring your data quality

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Raven review Getronics SAP to Workday Migration

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